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What Clients Say

"Dealing with Erin Wolf and Gail Evans in the Coles program was a life changer."
- AT&T

"I loved today's [Virtual Peer Coaching] call. The ideas we covered were a homerun for me ... i.e., What would I do if I was my own PR person; When B+ is okay (or even better); And the point at the end that the skills that made us so successful at middle management are very different than the leadership skills we need now. Thank you!"
-Radiant Systems

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with this course. I looked at the experience as an excellent opportunity to self-reflect and critically look at my style, communication and personality traits within the framework and perspectives you provided during the 6 classes. I think the best way to describe how meaningful and impactful this course was to me is to knowledge that I consistently think about the perspectives you provided and apply it daily to how I interact with others. It has impacted my approach and confidence."

"Everyone is talking today at Alston & Bird about what an effective speaker you are and how interesting your talk was last night. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences with us."
- Alston & Bird

"Thank you for an amazing session last night with the women of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and Alston & Bird. Your presentation was spot-on and the lively dialogue during and after your presentation is a testament of your impact. You've got an incredible gift for connecting with your audience and your insights on communication were the most practical and relevant I've heard."

"The Georgia Tech Executive Leadership Series for Women provided a professional format to stimulate fresh perspectives for executive skill building . Erin provided a forum uniquely designed to stimulate professional growth in a unique program format. I found the program to be invigorating as an executive tune up."
-Yvonne Williams, CEO, Perimeter CID

"I wanted to let you know how valuable and inspiring I found not just the material and discussions covered in the seminars, but being surrounded by so many confident, accomplished women. I left each month's class feeling enthused. It was an informative, interesting series and I will definitely recommend any future programs you offer!" -Homrich Berg

"I just wanted to thank you and say "Wow!". I think this virtual coaching session was terrific and I am really looking forward to the upcoming months. I have so much to learn and feel fortunate to have so many powerful women to gain knowledge from."
–Radiant Systems

"The learning environment [of the SuiteTrack program] was dynamic and energized by facilitators and participants alike. It exceeded my expectations."
-Access Business Group

"Both instructors are excellent! The course content is excellent. I like having the stories and the structured discussions from the powerpoint."
-Georgia Tech Program Participant

"The networking course this week really helped me to realize the importance of this practice. My personality has really driven me to put effort towards networking only with those I have to ...I realize that is short sided and selfish. Networking can be very rewarding in many ways."
-Georgia tech Program Participant

"I came away from the MSU program more energized than expected. It re-enforced what I am doing right and gave me the insight to change what needs to be changed." -MSU Program Participant

"I highly recommend this program to all women needing to understand how to refine, build, or enhance their leadership skills. Erin was extremely helpful in indentifying those areas that I need to work on. I am looking forward to sharing these ideas with my department."
-MSU Program Participant

"Erin Wolf is an exceptional executive leader and groundbreaking proponent supporting the advancement of female professionals."
-Access Business Group

"Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom during the first Executive Leadership for Women: Strategies to Enhance Success. I feel grateful to have been part of a group of such dynamic women leaders."
-The John Henry Company