Executive Coaching

SuiteTrack's one-on-one executive coaching helps professionals identify and develop the competencies required for transition to the next level of leadership within their organizations in a focused, personal setting. Our High Impact Coaching Framework incorporates three main components:

  1. Securing personal commitment
  2. Structuring Coaching Around Action
  3. Tracking Developmental Progress

We tailor each personal coaching program to the needs of the individual. In each session, we discuss current workplace issues and challenges that are particular to the client. We also address topics that will help build the participant's leadership presence and capabilities:

  • Personal branding
  • Networking
  • Language Communication & Influence
  • Getting visible
  • Negotiating for yourself

At the end of the coaching program, SuiteTrack will have identified and addressed participant's strengths and weaknesses and worked with them to increase awareness and improve performance in these areas. Our executive coaching generally consists of one-on-one meetings over a six-month to one year period.

Virtual Peer Coaching

Studies have shown that coaching and mentoring programs within organizations offer big rewards to those who engage in them. However, embarking on either can be time consuming and costly. Therefore, SuiteTrack has combined aspects of both mentoring and executive coaching to form its Virtual Peer Coaching program. Virtual Peer Coaching fosters real-world problem solving between professionals with similar work and life experience with the benefit of facilitation from seasoned executive coaches.


Each Virtual Peer Coaching group includes 10 cross-functional professionals from different companies - all at the same level and tenure in their careers - and a SuiteTrack facilitator. The groups "meet" by conference call once a month for 6 months to discuss business issues, offer peer mentoring, and receive coaching from the facilitators. SuiteTrack is also available to initiate cross-functional or intra-functional Virtual Peer Coaching groups within a particular organization.


The benefits of engaging in SuiteTrack's Virtual Peer Coaching are many:

  • Solving pressing work problems
  • Creating innovative solutions from the power of many
  • Fostering networks and alliances
  • Building awareness of broad issues in the workplace
  • Strategic, targeted questioning to enhance the discussion

Through interaction with peers and coaches, individuals are able to enhance their effectiveness on the job by connecting with others who understand the issues and experiences that arise in everyday work life.


SuiteTrack sets up formal mentoring programs for clients that involve both men and women as mentors. We pair members of the executive team with fast-track professionals and also team top women and men in the organization with more junior professionals for a more informal mentoring relationship.