Academic Programs

SuiteTrack delivers women's leadership development programs in conjunction with two business schools across the country: Michigan State University's Eli Broad College of Business and Kennesaw State University's Coles College of Business. The women who attend these programs are high potential women who wish to transition to the next level of leadership. They represent organizations ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations to start-ups, educational institutions and not-for-profits.
From these programs, participants gain:

  • Greater understanding of gender differences in the workplace
  • Expanded support network
  • Increased self-awareness of their leadership styles
  • Career empowerment
  • A strong vision for others to follow
  • Enhanced negotiation and decision-making skills


Brand Your Passion: Establish yourself and your career as a brand

Participants learn how to turn ideas into action by defining their personal brand, audience, and message to enhance exposure in the workplace. They recognize their choices, values, preferences and passions. They create a personal strategic plan and learn how to leverage their strengths so they can excel in their organizations and careers.

Power Networking for Results: It's not what you know but who you know

Participants learn to cultivate existing relationships, build and maintain contact lists, and make networking part of their everyday lives. They gain an understanding of the wide range of resources available to them. Women learn how to identify and gain membership in the workplace "inner circle". But most importantly, they begin to recognize the importance of supporting and "rainmaking" for other women in order to enhance their own success.

Language, Communication and Influence: Adopt a style that increases your ability to succeed

In this workshop, women learn what constitutes effective communication in the workplace. The session helps participants find their executive voice. They increase their ability to use a wider range of skills to gain influence and achieve their desired outcomes by moving from low-power to high-power speech. The workshop identifies real and perceived gender differences in communication and the pitfalls of not understanding these differences in a business environment.

Negotiating for Yourself: What stands between you and the "yes" you want?

Women in this workshop learn the secrets of savvy negotiators who not only play their cards well but also design the game in their favor before they get to the table.We explore gender differences in negotiation techniques including motivation, style, appetite for risk and propensity to ask. We teach participants how to be comfortable negotiating in today's business environment.

The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion: Why "brag" is not a four-letter word

Participants learn how to self promote without becoming someone they're not. They learn how to sell themselves without sounding arrogant and examine the role that self confidence plays in the workplace and how to use it to their advantage.

360° Leadership: What it takes to be a woman in charge

In this workshop, women increase their ability to interact with superiors and peers, manage direct reports, and pursue the next step in their careers. They focus on key competencies necessary for women to successfully interact and lead in an organization.

For more information about each program, please visit:
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